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So refreshing to see an Airbnb experience get everything right! In the last three years I have only used Airbnb for my travels, and don't get me wrong it has always been a good experience, but these guys go the extra mile to make it great. The best hospitality, super stylish furnishings, awesome food recommendations, and unbeatable location. Thanks for a wonderful getaway. 

Lucas, Locale 2nd Street

I suggest that you book your stay with any of The Locale locations ASAP. My stay with The Locale on Rainey street was absolutely fantastic. I was in Austin for work and for the first time I decided to do an AirBnB instead of a hotel and I am very happy that I did that.

Andrey, Locale Rainey Street

The Locale was the perfect place to stay. They were so accommodating, very reachable with calling or texting options, and the location was absolutely perfect. There were four of us that stayed and the first thing we all mentioned was how spacious the apartment was and we were so happy to not feel like we were on top of each other. There was a mini grocery store right outside of our place and most things were within walking distance. I would highly recommend staying here.

Amber, Locale Downtown Austin

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Reviews from our hotel guests.


Great location, easy access and beautiful.
I absolutely loved staying here. access was very easy, the apartment was beautiful and it was in the best location. It was my first trip to Austin, and when I come back with friends or family...i will stay here again!

Business Traveler, Locale Rainey Street

"Aparthotel" Downtown near Convention Center.
This was my first experience with an "aparthotel" and it was excellent from booking to checking out. Communication and accommodations were perfect. It is a great trendy apartment set up like a hotel located downtown convenient to restaurants and shops. I was attending a conference at the Convention Center which was only a short walk away. I would definitely recommend and would book again in the future!
Business Traveler, Locale 2nd Street

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