Lease to Locale. 

We sign leases as a corporate tenant in multifamily and mixed-use developments,
expediting lease-ups and increasing NOI.


Our impact

Maximize NOI with limited risk


+ Faster lease-ups

Reduce carry costs and get to stabilization faster

+ Improved NOI

Limited vacancies, reduced turnover costs, no locator fees

+ Better unit availability

Locale can lease less desirable units (e.g. lower floors)

+ Resident perks

Resident discount for stays in Locale units; more social events

+ Full-service operator

We don’t rely on the property team to handle guests. Our local team manages the operation, supported by our 24/7 guest experience team based in Austin.

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We operate with an owner-mindset


Current Partners



Let’s work together

We are always looking for new multifamily and real estate partners to continue expanding and growing Locale.


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