Access | Locale Rainey Street

91 Rainey Street, Austin, TX 78701

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Self check-in with keyless entry begins at 3pm.

  • You'll receive two codes via email, around 12pm on the day of arrival
    • A Building Access Code to enter the parking garage and/or main entrance at 91 Rainey
    • An Apartment Access Code to enter your specific apartment

As a courtesy, please do not reach out to the leasing agents in the lobby as they are not affiliated with Locale. Contact us at (512) 539-2852 if you need assistance. Thanks!

This is the main entrance to the Locale furnished apartments at Rainey Street (within the Millennium Rainey)

This is the main entrance to the Locale furnished apartments at Rainey Street (within the Millennium Rainey)

Accessing your apartment

Here's how to locate and check-into your apartment:

    • Enter via 91 Rainey St through the glass doors labeled "Leasing Office"
    • If after hours, enter your Building Access Code at the callbox to unlock the doors
    • Enter the lobby, turn right towards the conference room and then left to find the elevators
    • If you're on the 1st Floor, walk through the glass doors follow signs to your apartment
    • If you're on the 2nd-5th Floor, take the elevator to your floor and follow signs to your apartment

    At the door, find the touch keypad near the handle and enter your Apartment Access Code to gain entrance.


    Your apartment comes with one parking pass for the onsite, secured garage.

    This gives you unlimited in and out privileges for $25/day, which is cheaper than nearby parking options. Additional vehicles may be permitted in the visitor parking on the 8th floor, but will need to be registered. If you're parking, please carefully follow the instructions below to ensure your vehicle does not get towed. Parking passes must be displayed on the dash or hanging from the rearview mirror at all times.

    Please download the Apartment Permits app prior to arrival. You'll use this to temporarily register your vehicle before parking in the secured portion of the garage. Do this immediately or you may be towed at your own expense. The towing company is SpaceMakers towing.


    Download the app "Apartment Permits"

    Download the app "Apartment Permits"

    • The garage entrance is located on Driskill Street, just before Rainey Street
    • Pull into the garage and temporarily park in any spot before the gate
    • Register your vehicle using the Apartment Permits app
      • Download the app and click Guest on the main screen
      • Search the list for "Rainey" and choose the "Millennium Rainey Street"
      • Enter your Apartment Number and car information
      • The last four digits of the phone number are 2005
    • Once registered, enter the building through the doors marked "Leasing Office". If after hours, walk out of the garage and around the corner to the main entrance on 91 Rainey Street.
    • Follow the directions in the section above to locate and enter your apartment!

    grab the PASS AND KEY FOB, return to car, and RE-PARK

    • Once inside your apartment, collect the parking pass and key fob from the binder
    • If there is not a pass, please call us and park your vehicle in the visitor parking on the 8th floor
    • Return to your vehicle - you'll need the key fob to re-enter the building from within the garage
    • Place the parking pass on the dash or hang from the rearview mirror
    • Drive to the gate and enter your Building Access Code at the callbox to enter
    • Park in any non-reserved space on your floor and use the gray key fob to re-enter the building

    Please note, you do not need to register your vehicle once you're parked within the secured portion of the garage and your pass is displayed. 

    If you are staying in a first level apartment, please park on the second or third floor. You can either take the elevator down or use the staircase next to the bike rack at the top of the entrance ramp to proceed down to level one.


    The Locale is not responsible for towed vehicles and expenses. Please follow the directions carefully. If your vehicle is towed, contact us immediately.