Locale Downtown Austin

Locale apartments at Downtown Austin are located within the AMLI Downtown Apartment Complex, pictured above, at 201 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701.

Follow the instructions below for self check-in.

Text or call us at (512) 580-7606 for assistance.


Follow these steps for self check-in, which takes approximately 3-5 minutes.

Step 1: Locate the building's side entrance for Locale guests. (The gate to the right of Upstairs Circus)
Enter through the gate at 200 W 2nd St

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Step 2: Locate the elevators
Walk straight through the gate and turn right towards the elevator bank

Elevator Entrance

Step 3: Take the elevator to your floor
Using the callbox on the left hand side of the elevators, enter your 4-digit Building Access Code. It should say access granted.Immediately press the elevator call button and wait for the doors to open. Then enter your floor number.

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Step 4Proceed to and enter the apartment
Follow signs to your apartment. Use the 4-digit Apartment Access Code at the door to enter.
Enter the code on the keypad above the door handle.


Step 5: Settle in.
The binder on the kitchen has a parking card (for the garage) and an access card. Use the access card to get into the pool area, gym, and business center on the 2nd floor.


Follow these steps for parking, which takes approximately 7-10 minutes. Please register your vehicle to avoid being towed. Text the make/model/license plate to us at (512) 580-7606.

Step 1: Locate the garage entrance.
The garage entrance is located at 201 Lavaca Street (between 2nd and 3rd)


Step 2: Pull into the garage entrance and take a ticket
Proceed through the gate, down the ramp into the parking lot
*KEEP YOUR TICKET* You'll need it for the final departure.

Step 3: Park in any unreserved space in P1 or P2

Step 4: Once parked, proceed to street level
Locate the elevators towards the corner of the garage. Take the elevator to street level and exit.

image1 (2).jpeg

Step 5: Use your Building Access Code & take the elevator to your floor
Once you've exited the elevator, use the callbox on the left hand side of the elevators and enter your 4-digit Building Access Code. It'll say "Access Granted." (If you ever forget your building card in the apartment, you can always use this code to access your floor!) 

Press the elevator call button, wait for the doors to open, and press your floor number. This ensures only residents and guests can head up to the apartment floors from the garage. Once you're in the room, you will have a Building Access card which will allow you to move freely between the floors. 

image3 (2).jpeg

Step 6Proceed to and enter the apartment
Follow signs to your apartment. Using the 4-digit Apartment Access Code, enter the code on the keypad above the door handle to enter. 

Step 7Locate the parking card and validation sticker within the binder on the kitchen
Once in your apartment, there will be a welcome binder with a building access card, a parking pass and 1 validation sticker. Locate your Parking Pass - you will use this to enter and exit the parking garage.

At checkout, leave the building access card and parking card in the apartment and affix your validation sticker to your original parking ticket to exit the garage, so you don't have to pay garage rates. 



We hope you've had a great stay! Leave your parking and building access cards in the apartment and take your ORIGINAL garage ticket with the validation sticker affixed to it. When exiting the garage, insert the ticket into the machine to leave without paying garage fees. If the machine does not take the ticket, press the button to call for an attendant. Alert them that you have a validation sticker and you're with Locale. They will reset it and open the gate for you. Please do not pay garage rate; call for assistance.

Should you need to bring luggage down and come back to the apartment, you can always use the Building Access Code that you entered to use the elevator when you arrived! 

  • Lost or unreturned parking passes and access cards result in a $50 replacement fee per item

  • Only one car can use the pass / reduced rate per unit

  • If you can not exit or enter with the parking pass, please use the call box to notify the attendant the parking pass is out of sync. They will reset it for you!